Develop Java application with the ability to create, process, convert or render Word files to multiple formats.

Aspose.Words for Java is a feature-rich Word Processing API allowing the developers to embed the ability to generate, modify, convert, render and print all formats supported by Microsoft Word in their own Java applications. It does not depend upon Microsoft Word, however, it provides the features that Microsoft Word supports via its APIs such as formatting of all elements, high-quality conversion to multiple formats, rendering individual pages or complete files to images, generation of reports with data from various sources, revision management and so on.

Aspose.Words for Java supports all popular formats while allowing the export or conversion to other Word Processing, fixed-layout, image, HTML, ePUB and major industry-standard formats.

 Convert Word Processing Formats

The ability to quickly and reliably save different formats with a high degree of precision is the reason most of our customers choose Aspose.Words. The Word processing and conversion Java API allows you to save Word files from any supported format to any other supported format with just two lines of code. It is really that simple!

 Automated Report Generation with Mail Merge

Aspose.Words for Java is a fully-featured reporting solution. You can design reports in Microsoft Word and then allow API to populate files with data from a number of data sources while keeping the mail merge settings preserved. Aspose.Words for Java allows using standard Microsoft Word mail merge fields in reports. Additionally, you can use library extended syntax for mail merge fields to perform more complex tasks during the merging operations such as inserting images or repeatable regions.
Build, Parse & Edit with Document Object Model

Aspose.Words for Java helps developers to create, build, modify, parse and examine loaded files using our intuitive document object model that consists of over 100 classes. This object model allows the developers to programmatically create, modify, extract and replace all elements including Sections, Headers, Footers, Paragraphs, Lists, Tables, Text, Fields, Hyperlinks, Bookmarks, Images, Smart tags, Shapes, Custom XML and many other elements.

Furthermore, all drawing objects including shapes, TextBoxes, images, OLE objects, and controls are supported through this document object model, thus allowing you to perform many tasks such as inserting watermarks in pages or extracting images from a pre-existing file.

 Manipulate HTML Files with Ease

API can load and save HTML and XHTML files. The import process is resilient to documents that are not well-formed, that is; invalid or unrecognized elements or attributes can safely be ignored during the import. Conversion to HTML & XHTML is highly customizable thus allowing you to adjust a number of settings to suit the application requirements.
Utility Features to Improve Productivity

Aspose.Words for Java provides useful utility features such as join or split files, copy fragments between them, protect or un-protect files, modify properties and insert HTML fragments into documents. All of these features are available via easy-to-use APIs to help developers perform complex operations without worrying about the file format specifications.

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