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BDE Installer is a tool for convenient installation of the BDE is. BDE, or Borland Database Engin is one of the components important for Delphi to connect to databases and perform transaction data is. However, that this component is old and outdated, but still for some reason programmers May that exist that use this component work. However, installing this component in Delphi is also the story distinctly. In the event of improper installation of the BDE or the referrals, it makes up the program correctly fails of the features of this component uses, or other programs with the disorder encountered. In Windows 16-bit and 32-bit like Windows 95 and NT configuration information BDE to place the ini file inside the registry system is installed so properly configure the different parts of the BDE to install, difficult and time Berry would be.

BDE Installer is a tool that allows you to this component, it is much easier than manual mode, configure and install. Some programs is possible only from the parts of the component are using, for example, may be the program that you’ve written only from the tables, the paradox of use it. use the BDE Installer, you can only this part of the BDE in the system install and thus in the space needed on the disc, save a lot, get into the action. Also the possibility to remove the secure portions of the component or its complete removal from the system, also provide. In fact, the use of this tool, repetitive tasks and operations manual configuration for the conditions on a system different easier way, and with just a few clicks want to have component of the BDE in the system installed and ready to use.

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